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“Some parts of these stories were inspired by actual events. However, the names of certain characters and places have been changed to protect the innocent. Any similarity to the name, character, or history of any person, living or dead, is entirely coincidental and unintentional.”

December 26 2022

The Herd Crew:

Tony Vassallo

To all my former co-workers I dedicate this poem.

Here is a poem honoring Air Canada employees past and present who have passed away:

A Santa Story:

A tribute poem for my friend Ron Roskovich:

Angus and the Italians

The Merger or Takeover?

Origins of Rampage YYZ

December 27 2022

In Loving Memory 2022

The Shitter

The Orange Stick Dudes on Runways Are Complete Badasses (LSA)

AC Nicknames

December 28 2022

DC-9 Key

The Air Start

I Shit My Pants

Twas the Night before Xmas (Airport Edition)

The Legend Of Soup Bone Vol 1 “The Baggage Tub”

Ramp Crew “Jimmy and Company”

Chicken Hawk

The Legend of Ed Collis

The Legend Of Soup Bone Vol 2 ” 50 Grand”

The Legend Of Soup Bone Vol 3 “Soup Bone’s Christmas Chocolate Conundrum”

The Legend Of Soup Bone Vol 4 “The Day We Taped Soupbone to a Chair”

The Legend Of Soup Bone Vol 5 “SoupBone’s Mischievous Adventure: A Tale of Laughter and Warmth”

The Legend Of Soup Bone Vol 6 “The Great Lunchbox Heist”

December 29 2022

The Gremlin on the Wing: A Tale of Turbulence and Terror

“A Dream Come True: The Story of John Brodeur and Guy Lafleur”

Air Shmenge

December 30 2022

“Prank Gone Wrong: The Day a New Hire was Confronted by Secret Service at AF1”

“The Great 757 Engine Blowover”

“The Great 757 Doughnut Disaster”

“The Cuban Stowaway: A Journey of Determination and Hope”

“The Scottish Ramp Agent of Toronto Airport”

“Arrival at the Gate: A Poem”

“The Great Chalk Caper: A Tale of Revenge at the Toronto Ramp”

“Farewell to the DC-9”

“Luxury in the Skies: A Stewardess’s Tale”

December 31 2022

“New Year’s Eve at the Toronto Airport: A Night Shift Story”

“The Legacy of Air Canada”

“The Rise and Fall of Canadian Airlines”

January 1 2023

“The Secret Compartment”

“The Great Dildo Inspection of the Airport”


“The Journey of Bad Company: From Stag Party to Happily Ever After”

“The Mischievous Retirees: Memories of Pranks and Good Times at AC”

January 2 2023

“The Legend of the Baggage Container Hot Tub”

“Rockin’ the El Mocambo: The Air Canada Big Brothers Benefit Concert”

“Stay Safe in Cold Weather: Tips for Avoiding Hypothermia and Frostbite”

“The George Hanson Mulligan Open: A Golf Tournament in Memory of a Beloved Lead Station Attendant”

Dreams Take Flight

.January 3 2023

“Golfers Raise Funds for Dreams Take Flight at Fourth Annual L.A. Art/Canamotive Tournament”

“A Flight to Remember: Up, Up, and Away with Yorkshire Airlines”

“The Headly Family’s Hey Mon Airlines”

January 4 2023

“Airline Announcements” A George Carlin Transcript (1992)

Total Bastard Airlines

“The Misadventures of Trans Eastern Airlines”

A Plane Lost Its Roof At 24,000ft

“The Airport Stereotypes”

January 5 2023

“The Descent”

January 6 2323

Secrets of a professional baggage handler (From The Globe & Mail 2016)

“The Air Canada Cargo Ladies’ Comeback Season”

“The Lone Wolf” Claude Taylor

“Heroic Actions at the Airport: The Canada Day Baggage Room Incident”

“The 40-Year Pin”

“The Legendary Gimli Glider: A Tale of Bravery and Skill”

“The Ghost on the Plane”

January 7 2023

“Mike Hunt”

“The Dream That Became a Nightmare: A Flight Attendant’s Tragedy”

“The Mystery of Flight 105: A UFO Sighting That Captivated the Nation”

“From Baggage Handler to Rockstar: The Freddie Mercury Story”

“Love at First Flight: A Canadian Flight Attendant’s Chance Encounter with Robert Downey Jr.”

January 8 2023

“Airport Pickup Lines: A Cautionary Tale”

“The Crash of Flight 602: A Captain’s Tale”

“The Ultimate Game: A Day in the Life of an Air Traffic Controller”

“The Posse: The All Black Crew’s Reign on the Ramp”

Bad Bad Leroy Brown (Airport Edition)

January 9 2023

“Heroic Ramp Agent Saves the Day at Toronto Pearson Airport”

“Hazards of the Airport Ramp: A Guide for Workers” PB

Ramp Man

January 10 2023

“Rookie on the Food Truck: A Lesson in On-the-Job Training”

The Challenges of Manual Labor

So…You want to be a Ramp Agent?

Anthony McMeekin: The Gentle Giant, The Tree

January 11 2023

Dragon’s Flight: The Story of Bruce Lee’s Heroic Encounter at Terminal One

Christmas Eve Standoff: A Story of Courage and Redemption

The Dedication of Henry Sky: A Legend in the Face of Corporate Injustice

The Toughest Job: A Ramp Agent’s Life at YYZ pre 1970

January 12 2023

911: You can’t make this stuff up

Brave of Midnight: The Story of the Midnight Tow Crew

Ramp Rage: The Tale of Caleb and Petros

The Story of the Shift Change

O Zone, East Beach and Jurassic Park

January 13 2023

Operation Yellow Ribbon: A Lead Station Attendants Perspective

Mobile Lounges

Airport Blues

Family Ties: or “My Dad”

January 14 2023

The Challenges of Working with Incompetent Colleagues in the Airline Industry

The Rise and Fall of the L-1011 TriStar 500: A Look into Air Canada’s Fleet History

Flying Through the Storm: An Airline in the Time of COVID-19

The Lead Ramp Agent: A Jedi Knight of the Skies

January 15 2023

The Stanley Cup Surprise: A Baggage Handler’s Encounter with Hockey’s Holy Grail

The Great Toilet Paper Escape

Miracle in the Skies: The Story of Aeronautics

The Stench of Fish: A Ramp Agent’s Nightmare in Toronto’s Heatwave

January 16 2023

Ramp Agent’s Love

Heart of Air Canada: A Poem on the Love of Customer Service

Fading Wings: A Poem for Canadian Airlines

The Story of Max Ward and Wardair

January 17 2023

The Duct Tape Winged Wonder

Skybound Alphabet: A Poetic Tribute to Aviation

Up in the Sky: A Pilot’s Prayer

The Avro Arrow: A Dream Ahead of its Time

January 18 2023

Soaring to New Heights: A Pilot’s Journey

Heroes of Luggage: A Tribute to Air Canada’s Baggage Agents

Cabin Comfort: A Poem of Airline Grooming

Soaring High: A Tribute to Air Canada’s Flight Attendants

January 19 2023

The Unseen Hero: A Tribute to the Station Attendant

Grease Never Sleeps

The Wings of the Sky: A Tribute to Aircraft Mechanics and Avionics Technicians

Guiding Lights: A Tribute to Air Traffic Controllers

January 20 2023

Guiding Giants: A Poem for Aircraft Tow Crews

The Symphony of the Skies: A Poem on Airline Cargo

Retired Ramp Agents Reunited: Memories of Flights and Friends

Brothers in Flight: Tony and Dave’s Journey

The Search for Home: A WWII Pilot’s Journey Through Time

January 21 2023

The Strength of Baggage Handlers

Guiding Wings: A Tribute to Airline Training Instructors

Presents Real Men of Genius (from Bud Light)

Lead Station Attendant

The Tractor Trick: A Lesson in Humility

January 22 2023

The Lonely Flight

Final Flight

Mic-Check Mishap: The Story of Harry the Ramp Agent

Doomsday Flight

Fading Wings

January 23 2023

The Moose-Stopper: The Diamond Dogs’ Unlikely Victory

Confronting Fears: The Story of Frank and the Coffin

The Legend of Soup Bone Vol 7: The Great Soup Bone Container Caper

Hogan’s Heroes: The Unexpected Adventure of Dean and Stuart

January 24 2023

Wilderness Wanderer: The Story of Carl

The Showdown at the Colosseum: Bruce Lee vs Bruno Ricupero

Ron Clarke: Mishap in Cargo (By: John Collins)

The 727: A Legend in Aviation

January 24 2023

The Texaco Tractor: A 80s Ramp Agent’s Story

The Legend of DB Cooper: The Heist that Defied Capture

Trans-Canada Airlines (TCA)

The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers Local Lodge 2323 and Air Canada

January 25 2023

Windsor Wonders

Navigating the Skies: A Poem of Canadian Airport Codes

Midnight Loaders: The Story of the 1970s DC-8 Freighter Cargo Crews

The Flight of the Alphabets

January 26 2023

Retired and Revitalized: The Bus Drivers Four

Stranded in Time: A Journey Through the Past and the Future

The Mystery of Flight 107: A Tale of Illusion and Disappearance (Based on a twilight zone episode”The Arrival”)

The Story of the Passenger Surreys of Terminal 2

January 27 2023

Airplane Bathtub Racing: How Air Canada Soared to Victory

Frannie, the Ramp Queen of Toronto

The Legend of Dale: The Ramp Tractor Champion of Spine Road

The Great Toronto Airport Car Heist: A Tale of Ramp Agents, Managers, and Mischief

January 28 2023

The Legend of the East Beach: The Untold Story of the Toronto Airport Pool

Midnight Mavericks

The Toronto Hillbillies (Sing to the tune of The Beverly Hillbillies)

Committed to Flight: A Tribute to Air Canada Cargo and its Employees

January 29 2023

The AC Rampies Reunion: A Golfing Tradition

Champions of the Skies: The Orioles’ Triumph in the Airport League

The Legends of Air Canada Cargo: A Poem of Dedication and Pride

Eddie’s Journey: From Hindrance to Asset

January 30 2023

The Constant Struggle: A Story of Perseverance and Determination

Forgetaboutit: The Tale of the Wiseguy Ramp Agents

Marilyn’s Tape Prank CPAir

Taking Flight: Air Canada’s Inaugural 747 Journey from Toronto

January 31 2023

Vanishing Act: The Ramp Agent’s Prank

The Baggage Bandits: Tom and Frank’s Mischievous Pranks

Leading the Way: The Importance of Respect and Teamwork in an Airline Station

Rising to the Challenge: The Founding of the Air Canada Foundation

February 1 2023

Retired Ramp Master: A Look Back on 40 Years of Service at AC

Behind the Scenes: A Tour of AC Baggage and Ramp Operations (Story from Travel Unravelled Hits the Ramp)

Ramp Agent’s Flight: A Journey of Challenges and Thrills

February 2 2023

Surviving the Perils of Lukla: A Tale of the World’s Most Dangerous Airport

The Narrow Escape: A Tale of a Stormy Night Landing at Old Hong Kong Airport

Surviving the Unthinkable: The United Airlines Flight 811 Disaster

Miracle on the Atlantic: The Story of Air Transat Flight 236’s Emergency Landing

February 3 2023

Frustrations at the Airport: A Customer’s Perspective

The Story of British Airways Flight 602 (Funny)

Mrs. Robinson, the Ticket Agent Hero

Mending Broken Hearts at the Airport

February 4 2023

Lads frae Scotland: John, Stuart, and Joe

Brothers on Ice: A Charity Hockey Game Dream Comes True, The Houston’s vs The Sutter’s

The Hanson Brothers Stand-ins: The Retired Station Attendants’ Dream Come True

A Miracle in the Sky

February 5 2023

The Portal in the Desert

Rising to the Challenge: The Story of the Ramp Crew’s Triumph in the Blizzard

Angels of War: The World War II Story of the Hell’s Angels

The Last Flight

February 6 2023

The Midnight Shift: A Flight to the Future

A Dream 50 Years in the Making: The Story of Meeting Bobby Hull

From Sudbury to Toronto: The Journey of Jeff and Perry

Honoring the Brave: The Story of Retro Rampage

February 7 2023

Cosimo: The Airline Hero with a Young Heart

The Mysterious Pearson International Airport UFO Sighting

The Extraordinary Reappearance of Amelia Earhart

Bag Drop: A Tale of Bomb Scares and Bouncing Bags

February 8 2023

Jimmy, the Wise Baggage Agent of Toronto’s Skies

Triple Threat: Ramp Agents by Day, Ballroom Dancers by Night

Cargo Kings: Rob and Ken’s Flight to Fame

The Flight of Dedication

February 9 2023

Friends for Life: Part 2: The Story of Jeff and Perry

A Ramp Agent’s Blessing

Heaven’s Wings: An Airlines Prayer

Rising to the Challenge: The John Brodeur Story

February 10 2023

The King of Asia: A Tale of Pascal

The Time-Stopping Pilot: A Thrilling Airline Adventure

The Long Morrow

Twenty Two

February 11 2023


The Haunting Legacy of Eastern Airlines Flight 401

Ramp Wars: The Battle at the OK Corral

The Munsters at Pearson: A Ramp Agent Adventure

February 12 2023

The Addams Family’s Ghostly Flight Adventure

Flight into the Unknown: A Tale of Fear and Determination

The Airline Conclave: A Gathering of Tony Soprano’s Top Associates

February 13 2023

Riding the Wind with Frankie Vendetti

From Eastern Airlines to Air Canada: A Journey of Resilience and Friendship

The Sequel: Reliving the Legend: A Journey Back in Time with Jimmy Biggs

February 14 2023

Rampageyyz: The Movie

Swissair Flight 111

Heroes of the Skies: The Air Canada Flight 797 Story

February 15 2023

The Undercover Actor: A Pearson Airport Tale

The Rise and Fall of Aeroquay: The Story of Terminal 1 in Malton, Ontario

The Days of Hand-Loading: A Story of Perseverance in the Aviation Industry

February 16 2023

The OZone Standoff: A Tale of Perseverance and Resilience

Different Rewards: The Pilot and the Priest

Cozy Tales: A Story of Finding Comfort on a Cold Day

February 17 2023

The Wild Nights of the Avion Motor Hotel

Dining with a View: The Story of Aeroquay Malton Airport’s Iconic Restaurant

The Ramp Agents’ Daily Routine

February 18 2023

Pushback Under Pressure: My First Experience with a 747 Jumbo

Air Canada Helicopter

Surviving the Jet Blast: A Story of Fear and Triumph at Pearson Airport

February 19 2023

The Canadian Footnote: A Retired Airline Manager’s Reflections on Supersonic Jets

From Kitchen to Sky: Cara Foods’ Journey in Catering for Air Canada

Cessna joins the fleet

February 20 2023

The Legacy of the Vickers 757 Viscount

The Evolution of the Air Canada Logo: A Story of Canadian Identity and Innovation

The Decline of Airline Cuisine: From Gourmet Meals to Peanuts

February 21 2023

Ramp Rats at the Runway: Tales of a Toronto Pearson Airport Community

The Daring Aero: Champion of the Skies

The Ramp Agent’s Farewell

February 22 2023

The Calm Professional: A Lesson in Prioritizing Protocols and Staying Cool Under Pressure

The Inflight Sales Pitch: A Tale of Cheating Death

Eternal Recurrence: The Curse of a Fighter Pilot’s Actions

February 24 2023

Lost in the Unknown: The Mysterious Disappearance of the X-20 Astronauts

Memoirs of a Ramp Agent: Tales from the Tarmac

Behind the scenes at JFK: no selfies allowed!

February 25 2023

A boy left his Buzz Lightyear inside a plane. A ramp agent turned it into an adventure.

The Dawn of a New Era: The First Shipment of Cattle by Air from Canada

The Battle for English Skies: The Story of Air Canada Pilot Ryan Dyer and the Fight for Bilingualism in the Skies

February 26 2023

The Hijacking of Air Canada Flight: A Tale of Terror and Triumph

The Crocodile Arrival: An Air Canada Employee’s Adventure

The Incredible Journey of Rafael Trujillo: A Cuban’s Quest for Freedom

February 27 2023

The Rise and Fall of Canadian Pacific Airlines: A Story of Expansion, Competition, and Legacy

The Air Canada Livery

The Avion’s Oasis: A Poem for Airline Souls

Air Isn’t Oxygen

King Nine Will Not Return

Love in the Skies: A Cautionary Tale

Life After Death: A Haunting Love Story Aboard an Airline

Giantess vs. Astronauts: A Strange Encounter

Soaring High with United

Soaring with Air Canada

Frustration at the Gate: A Shift Change Gone Awry

Ramp Agent Rising: A Poem on Women’s Strength in Aviation

Salute to the Ramp Agents: Honored in the Hall of Fame of Towology

The Scottish Wee Man: A Ramp Agent’s Rhyme

Gorilla on the Loose: The Wild Adventure of a Shipped Beast

Bulk Hold Mischief: A Ramp Crew’s Prank Gone Awry

The Unfair Demand: A Manager’s Double Standard

The Importance of Trust and Communication: A Tale of a Lead Station Attendant

The Calm Professional: A Lesson in Prioritizing Protocols and Staying Cool Under Pressure

The Great Canadian Airline Fire: A Story of Bravery and Loss

The Price of Loyalty: A Canadian Airline Story

The Legend of 10 Men: A Ramp Agent’s Tale

The Haunted Casket: A Practical Joke Gone Wrong

A Night of Holiday Cheer at Terminal 2

A Joyful Journey: A Sales Agent’s Christmas Tale

Wild Cat Prank: The Day the Warm Room Turned Hilarious

March 1 2023

The Legend Of Soupbone: The Cigar Chair Caper: A Lunchroom Tale of Unbelievable Laughter

Taking Flight: The Realities of Being a Lead Station Attendant

Crossroads of Ambition: Navigating the Path to Management

The Journey of Bad Company: From Stag Party to Happily Ever After

March 10 2023

Angels of War: The World War II Story of the Hell’s Angels

Dress Code Duel: A Sartorial Showdown at Toronto’s Airport

A Paranormal Odyssey

The Secret Skies: A Phenomenon Beyond War

March 17 2023

The Time Tunnel: Sky Warriors

Baa Baa Black Sheep: Fearless Flyers and Daring Rescues

Flight to Nowhere: The Baroness and the Hidden Airman

From Military Airfield to Aviation Hub: The Story of Downsview Airport

March 24 2023

Escape from Stalag 13: The New Lives of Stuart Clare and Dean Ward

Flight to Freedom: The Daring Glider Escape from a Nazi POW Castle

Timeless Memories: The Aviation Dream of Captain John Vest

The Psychic Pilot: Solving Crimes and Saving Lives from the Skies

March 31 2023

Pride of the Black Watch: The Heroic Journey of Michael Brunner

Flight Frustrations: A Lesson in Open-Mindedness and Alternative Paths OR Las Vegas or Bust

The Avenging Sword: A Tale of Two Veterans at the Airport

The Pharaoh’s Memory: A WWII Aviation Mystery

April 7 2023

Flight of Courage: Overcoming Fear and Finding Love

Ferrying the Skies: The Story of Transatlantic Aircraft Delivery in WWII

The Incredible Journey of Rafael Trujillo: A Cuban’s Quest for Freedom

The Sword’s Revenge

April 14 2023

History of hockey and the Canadian military Part 1 Second World War

From Nightmares to New Horizons: A Vietnam Veteran’s Journey Through Aviation

The Window of Time: An Aviation Pilot’s Journey through Grief and Hope

The Devil’s Flight: An Aviation Tale of Mystery and Intrigue

April 21 2023

Terminal 2 Memories: Smoker’s Row, Smoking in Pearson’s Past.

From the Avro Arrow to NASA: The Legacy of Canada’s Aerospace Pioneers

Soaring Romance: A Poem of the Mile High Club

The Rise and Fall of Aeroquay: The Story of Terminal 1 in Malton, Ontario

April 28 2023

From Fields to Flight: The Legacy of the Champoux Family in Aviation

The Secret Underground City: Unveiling the Mysterious Structures Beneath Pearson Airport Terminal One

The Chosen Pilot: A Life on TV with a Twist

Remembering the Legend: The Story of Andy Vye

May 5 2023

Turbulence: High Stakes at 30,000 Feet

Flight of the Ghostly Passenger

The Tragic Events of September 11, 2001: A Turning Point in Aviation History

The Island Lesson: Walter White’s Aviation Awakening

May 12 2023

The Shelter: Surviving the Air Raid

Zone 5: Where the Giants Dwelt

Canada 3000 Airlines: The Rise and Fall of a Canadian Aviation Pioneer

Airplane: Redemption in the Skies

May 19 2023

The Last Flight

From Redcaps to Sky Porters: The Evolving Role of Airport Porters in Toronto

The Fantastico Island: The Adventures of Mr. Silva and Stuart Tattoo Allan

The Porter’s Victory: One Man’s Fight for Fairness at the Airport 1985

May 26 2023

The Aviation Obsession: A Second Chance with Death

The Godfather’s Flight: A Tale of Survival and Power

The Comforter of Pearson: The Story of Rev. V. Philips and the Aviation Interfaith Ministry

The Devil’s Storm

June 2 2023

The Sky’s the Limit: The Story of Aristotle Onassis Airlines

Sky High Showdown: Air Canada Takes the Victory in Toronto’s All-Sports Competition

The Man from U.N.C.L.E.: Sky High Sabotage

The Quirks and Inconveniences of Air Travel: A Humorous Monologue

June 9 2023

The Story of The Polish Cowboy

The Final Flight of the Memphis Belle

Stormy Skies and New Beginnings: The Story of Stuart, Peter, and the S.S. Minoe

Frozen in Time: A Pilot’s Tale of Temptation and Redemption

June 16 2023

Lost Sky Explorers: The Supernatural Power of Photography

Never Complain About Airports Again

The Model Maker: A Tale of Aviation and Responsibility

The Enigma Chronicles: The Paranormal Aviator’s Journey Part 2

June 23 2023

Skyline Sanctuary: Tales of Aviation’s Favorite Hideaway

September 27 2023

Air Canada’s Legendary Grand Canyon Adventure: Tales of Friendship and Discovery

Skies and Stories: The Aviation Adventures of the Avion Motor Hotel and TIC Lounge

September 29 2023

Toronto’s Terminal 2: The Rise and Fall of an Aviation Icon

Moving the Skies: A Journey Through the History of Tow Tractors and Aircraft Towing

Cargo Soaring High: The Chronicle of Air Canada Cargo

October 2 2023

Flight of Dreams: The Story of Air Canada’s Dreams Take Flight

Wings of Compassion: EAP and The Don Coulton Story

October 8 2023

Wings of Sacrifice: A Thanksgiving Tale

Jimmy Mereweather: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Skies of Dedication: The Frank Sansalone Story

October 9 2023

Ramp Chronicles: Tales from Zone 5

The Legend of the Ramp Test Dummies: From Tarmac to Triumph

October 17 2023

A Halloween Adventure from Toronto Pearson Airport

Skies of Tradition: A Father and Son’s Airport Odyssey

October 18 2023

Claude Taylor: The CEO with a Heart for His Employees

From Boardroom to Baggage: The CEO’s Day on the Ramp

Fateful Skies: The Aviator’s Pact with the Devil

October 21 2023

Air Canada’s Helicopter Shuttle Revolution

Flight of Resilience: Sonia Hartwick’s Survival Story

The Radio Prankster’s Redemption

October 22 2023

Golfing Gags and Unfriendly Skies: An Employee’s Tale

The Haunting Skies: A Halloween Flight to Remember

The Haunting Flight of Halloween

October 23 2023

Terror at 30,000 Feet

Sky’s Bounty: The Repo Man’s Tale

The Lone Ace

November 28 2023

Flight of the Magi: Wings in the Skies

Flight of Unity: Wings of Seasonal Joy

December 4 2023

Baggage Handlers’ Joyful Skies: An Aviation Christmas

Last Christmas

Let them know it’s boarding time again

Skies of Service: The Yuletide Symphony of Ticket Agents

The Aviator Express

Flight of Miracles: An Aviation Christmas Tale

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